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The time has come to alert the media/press, consult the AG, Alert the Public, Alert Potential Clients, Communicate with Dis-satisfied clients, U.S. Congresswoman Castor, FTC, other state congress representatives, and much more.....

It is time to Occupy GSA and its leaders: Sarah Tupper, Tabitha Moore, Robin Sutula, Pam Sprecher, James (Jim) Sprecher, Tim Tupper, Ann Garneau, Richard Gilmore, Barry Stetler, Ward Weller, Traci Stoudt, Donna Gonzalez, Charles Martin, Angela Hale, Gary Sizemore, Melissa Russell, Stella Collins, Nolan Collins, Danny Arrington, John Warren, Heather Hiltebrand, Herber Yont, Michael Bratovich, Abraham Fyffe, Amy White, Andy White, Aubrey Stearns, Bill Kottner, Philip Ahmar, Brian Kelly, Lauren Waldon, Corey Dye, Dan Arrowood, Rita Ouzts, Mike Pirello, Danny Arrington, Deena Garton, John Moore, Donna Story, Georgie Shirley, Robert Thasher, Greg Warren, James Lampson, Jeff Cunningham, Jonathan Teague, Ken Somers, Peter Hogan, Suzi Miles, Renee Housman, Karen Colclough, Raymond Neely, Tiffany Fuentes, John Trevethan, Jon Logan, Ashley Jeffery, Monica Dillon, Karen Zirkle, Mark Trevethan, Lisa Halsor, Tina Santucci, Steve Turner, Brynn Siren, Alyssa Rodriguez, Dawne Buzard, Tom Barber, Michael Anastasiou, Ian Anderson, Cindy Andree, Timothy Baldwin, Winston Bartlett, Justin Bergsten, Matthew Berkheimer, Gerald Bertsch, Cindy Betancourt, Donna Blankenship, Joanne Budash, Liam Buhrmester, Stephanie Butler, Guadalupe Carren, Louanne Chamberlain-Fernandes, Daniel Claffey, Mark Cordy, Pauleen Davis, Jude Decoff, Rosemary Di Rosa, Lisa Dietsch, Monica Dillon, Jason Dixon, Shelley Drexler, Emily Fasnacht, Catherine Feliciano, Garry Fink, Amy Flynn, Shanna Freeman, Minda Gordon, Michael Hudak, Thomas Johnson, Lucy Kilbourn, James Lampson, Brian Lasserre, Jason Leppert, Karen Logue, George Louli, Tracy Lucks, Renee Macko, Chris Madrishin, Paula Makse, Sandra Mantelli, Kathleen McAulay, Leslie Miller, Kris Miyake, John Moore, Jenette Papas, Tisa Passmore, David Perkins, Sambath Phal, Melissa Postelle, Rusty Rhoads, Verna Richards, Angela Richardson, Paul Roberson, Ebony Robinson, Kyle Robinson, Jody Rosenbaum, Erika Rothkegel, Carolyn Sasbon, Jemar Saunders, Sandra Savaglio, Julianne Scalzi, Charles Scheer, Jason Scudieri, Louis Serpati, Sandra Sheldon, Lee Tarbutton, Betty Thomas, Ryan Thompson, Melissa Travis, Vincent Urso, James Vabre, Deanna Waller, Tanya Warren, William Welsh, Russ Wilhelm, Johnny Wright, Kevin Wilder, Victoria Lach

More Addresses for GSA Applications, GSA Pittsburgh, GSA South Carolina, GSA 1000, K&Js Managed Solutions (been in business for 15 yrs - ask for PROOF!), FedGoal, Federal Verifications, Creative Concepts (Owned by Stella Collins), Tampa GSA, Express GSA, Market GSA, GSA Greenville, Creative Concept Processing, GSA Processors, Bissaraht ( ), National GSA (813)792-4592 ext 4264, 727-865-4307.

Physical Address:

7005 Pelham Road, Ste. A

Greenville, SC 29615

Mailing Address:

Box 122

8595 Pelham Road, Ste. 400

Greenville, SC 29615

Ask Tom Sciacca, what is experience has been like, then ask him again in a few months! Email him at or . Feel free call him: JHL Supply (800) 537-1339 X:221, he is well aware of the internet scams.

Ask Don, what is experience has been like, then ask him again in a few months! Email him at

How much does Don know about K&Js Managed Solutions? How about the FORTUNE 500 clients? Where are the references from these big company names? Yes, please provide us with contact details, as this company has only been around since 2012 - more lies to the public!!!

Ask Jay, what is experience has been like, then ask him again in a few months! Email him at

Ask Louis Collins, about his experience! Email him at



They are now under investigation by the Florida Attorney General. Please read this and make your voice heard with them!,federal,verification



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